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How the art deco armchair skeletons were brought back to life

  Last year, Huisraad posted a picture of a dilapidated, rusted, dust-covered and what seemed to be a rotten Art Deco couch and asked followers: What do you think, shall we do it? Razor sharp, rusty springs stuck out of the disintegrated hessian seat covers. The side panels and seats were completely missing. Any sane person would recoil at the image. But of course, Huisraad and their followers did not. Comments streamed in, from suggestions for which fabric to use to those who were already excited for the ‘after’ pics. But first, they had to get their hands on the couches. Magriet and her mother took a break from December holidaying and drove to Port Elizabeth with an empty trailer...

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The tale of the heavy chrome and vinyl parastatal chairs

You see a lot of crazy stuff when hunting for furniture from the fifties, sixties and seventies in South Africa. The thing is, you don’t just find this kind of furniture for a bargain in proper antique shops. And even the most chaotic antique shop is kind of predictable compared to the sort of places where you find mid-century and seventies stuff. You find this kind of furniture in general second hand stores, at auctions of the sheriff of the court, all over the internet, rotting under verandas on the sides of houses. You find it in stores in the platteland but normally at the back since most of these stores sell newer, badly made beds, cupboards and fridges to...

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Collaboration announced: Huisraad & Newly Defined

Huisraad started trading quirky finds and collectibles more than a year ago. Since then our aim has been to find beautiful designs and quality workmanship, hidden in the dusty corners of a basement or forgotten in a classified advertisement. As our following grew, it became clear that Art Deco and mid-century modernist designs were very high on our clients’ lists of must-haves. Today we announce our collaboration with the Heidelberg-based creative hub, Newly Defined. Our collaboration now means that beautiful Art Deco, mid-century modernist design and quality workmanship no longer lurk only in dusty corners. We can also make it happen by introducing you to Newly Defined. Glen Napier, owner of Newly Defined, is the man behind the design and...

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