We enter 2022 with a teak Danish rocker

Dear friends of Huisraad Modern,

We wish you a 2022 that will surpass your wildest expectations. By the gods of the furniture world, we all need a good year! If you are still healthy, and have a job or a business, give yourself a little credit, since it means that you are either strong or very lucky. Either is good!

Our first collection of new finds for 2022 is a small one, just to get us out of the festival mindset and into the new year.

What is better to make that transition than to discover that a rocking chair that you thought were a South African copy of the Scandinavian style, is really an authentic 1950’s Danish classic?

A teak Frank Reenskaug for Bramin Møbel rocking chair on our floor

Yes, these things do not only happen on TV in American Pickers! We found and restored a marvelous chair by Frank Reenskaug for Bramin Møbel,1958, which is up for grabs at price that is less than a third of what you’d pay in America or Europe.

Also new are four scarce ash wood mid-century chairs, a pair with green and a pair with coral pink upholstery. 

They might have been made locally, but we could not find any reference. The design is interesting, the closest resemblance we found is the "GE" range by Danish mid-century furniture design kingpin, Hans Wegner. His (much more refined) use of the back leg that is integrated with the frame is a good example of organic functionality, one of the reasons why Danish modern style furniture is so pleasing to the eye. Interestingly, Wegner furniture is often ash wood too.

These four chairs are priced per item, because we think they are striking as a pair in similar or different colours or as a single statement piece...

Lastly, we are working our way though a collection of vintage library display, shelving and desk pieces. Restoring them is not a heavy task, as they are mostly solid wood and were very skillfully made, to last. Our favourite is this huge (136 x 168 x 106.5 cm h) Brimble & Briggs double door display case on spade legs that dates from the 1940's. It has two glass tops on hinges and the cabinet space is newly lined with green felt.


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