The Wegner way

- 7 July new stock -

Those who know something about the Scandinavian furniture revolution in the mid previous century will understand the thrill of finding a set of ten vintage ‘China Chairs’ by Hans Wegner. Our thrill is reserved, though, because it remains undetermined whether this set is original. The chairs have been refinished in the past, and it could be that the maker’s marks were removed. Many copies of this famous chair exist, though. If these are representations, they are good ones. We know they were bought in the 1970’s. We know they are solid and  that the seats were previously redone in leather. We restored some joints and resealed them black. We priced them as copies (the original vintage ones are insanely pricey) and for now, we feel the set should not be split.

But that is not the only thrill we had this week. It’s been a while since we sported some Airflex armchairs and for those of you who missed out on the habby cabs last week, here is another.

Hans Wegner China Chair
Vintage modern Airflex armchairs
DS Vorster book shelves
Vintage modern dining chairs


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