Collaboration announced: Huisraad & Newly Defined

Huisraad started trading quirky finds and collectibles more than a year ago. Since then our aim has been to find beautiful designs and quality workmanship, hidden in the dusty corners of a basement or forgotten in a classified advertisement. As our following grew, it became clear that Art Deco and mid-century modernist designs were very high on our clients’ lists of must-haves.

Today we announce our collaboration with the Heidelberg-based creative hub, Newly Defined. Our collaboration now means that beautiful Art Deco, mid-century modernist design and quality workmanship no longer lurk only in dusty corners. We can also make it happen by introducing you to Newly Defined.

Glen Napier, owner of Newly Defined, is the man behind the design and manufacturing of a unique range of steel and glass cabinets. It started with his cabinet, The Audacious South African Showcase (or t'ASAS for short). According to Glen, t’ASAS is a bold and dramatic take on ‘modern Art Deco’. “It has a powerful, yet balanced ratio between stylish desire and ergonomics,” he says.

Huisraad recently sold the first of this fabulously designed cabinets. It was received with so much enthusiasm that we decided to commission more. A limited edition of t’ASAS is now available here.

The Audacious South African Showcase

 And Glen has two more designs up his sleeve. The Concomitant South African Biomedical Cabinet is a 21st century upgrade of the well-known and ever popular vintage medical cabinet design. This fabulous display cabinet can also be ordered here.

The Concomitant South African Biomedical Cabinet

 A third cabinet in this design range is a surprise television cabinet, about which we will soon reveal more info …

Glen Napier working on the surprise third cabinet

 Glen, a fitter and turner by trade, studied interior design. His shop, Newly Defined, was officially trading from 2005 to 2007 in Muizenberg and reopened in Heidelberg WC in 2014, with the focus on antiques, collectibles and “anything vintage”.

“The name Newly Defined comes from a great descriptive explanation for innovation: the process of putting together known elements in a different way to meet a newly defined need.  By being a creative person, you will find any alternative to complete a piece that you have set out do. Despite and often being confused with terms such as recycle and upcycle. Being innovative is awesome.”

“Newly Defined gives me the opportunity to create and put a lot of my knowledge and experience into restoration. For some or other reason, still today one of the greatest pleasures is hand-tapping a thread,” he says.

Huisraad is proud to announce this collaboration and, with it, the latest from Newly Defined: simple, elegant, stylish and innovative pieces of furniture.



  • Andrew Hibling

    Awesome as usual Glen. Can’t wait for the new design.

  • Nicky Good

    Congratulations guys 🙏 Beautiful work @glen Napier

    Wishing you huge success

  • Thys De Villiers

    Extraordinary collections

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