Artist: Robert Hodgins

Robert Hodgins (1920 - 2019) only became well-known in the 1980's, even though he's already been producing art works for 30 years by that time. But he's since been elevated by critics and the public alike to the level of Battiss, Sekoto and Kentridge. says the following about him: "Robert Hodgins can be described as an expressionistic painter and graphic artist of historical events, images, figures and impressions. His icons of malevolent businessmen in pinstriped suits, prison cells, historical references and political tyrants still reappear in his recent works."

Hodgins served in the South African Union Defence Force in Kenya and Egypt from 1940 to 1944. Some of the depth of that experience and also his general disdain for the corrupting force of power on men came through in much of his work, and also in the colour etching on the Huisraad website.

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