Artist: Banele Khoza

Being so young, artist Banele Khoza is causing a stir in the South African art world. Khoza was born in 1994 in Hlatikulu, Swaziland. He moved to South Africa as a teenager in 2008. After school he enrolled at the London International School of Fashion, where he studied for a year. After coming back to South Africa he studied for a National Diploma in Fine Art (2014) at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). He also completed a BTech in Fine Arts in 2015 and became a lecturer at the TUT. He is presently a full-time artist.

In an interview with Selma Costa for, he said the following about his own work: "My work is a response to my instant thoughts and emotions, and the following day, I will probably be thinking about something else. Except for when I have a crush––which I’ll obsess over three months. My work is intensely personal, but also a public diary. A working response to my environment, and I’m not shy to let my audience in. My medium is a constant play been traditional and new medium."

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