A new Huisraad collaboration: Cirque Furniture

Huisraad Modern is proud to introduce a new range of superior quality, hand-crafted furniture by Cirque


Cirque features early mid-century and art deco styling that is both classic and modern. It is beautifully sculpted in stainless steel, also using full grain leather and hardwoods.


The reinforced bent stainless steel piping is reminiscent of the chromed tubular steel-framed furniture, famously pioneered by the Bauhaus school in the 1930’s in Germany, and specifically by the arthitect Marcell Breuer, with the only difference that stainless steel is a superior and more durable (and more environmentally friendly) material than the chromed mild steel pipes. It is also a tribute to the work of WH Gispen, Charlotte Perriand, and Gaston Rinaldi. 

Cirque is made in Cape Town by local artisans. Each piece is unique, registered, and numbered. 

The Circque range of furniture will be exclusively available through Huisraad Modern. The range features the Cirque Isitulo easy chair, rocker, reading lamp with table, coffee table and side table.

Brian Kent

Cicque is the creation of Brian Kent, an architect, urban planner, and furniture designer. He lives in Cape Town and has worked here and in the United States. 

Brian dedicated a considerable part of his life to designing and building energy efficient and sustainable houses. He built the first 100% solar heated house in the state Maine in the United States. A sustainable cottage that Brian designed and built in Scarborough in Cape Town, where he used compressed earth bricks made with locally sourced clay and sustainably grown timbers, was featured recently in Simply Green magazine. 

Brian says the idea of the first Cirque piece, the Isitulo chair, was hatched when he dreamt about a sculptural chair from tubular steel in a circular form with a cantilevered seat. After that, it went through five years of development, working with various Cape Townian manufacturers and furniture experts. Eventually the Cirque Isitulo chair was born and then came the rocking chair, the foot stool, the coffee table and, eventually, also a reading lamp.

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