A chair that is a cube

- 27 July 23 new stock -

A style that we love, that has been copied a lot, is a form of club chair called a cube chair, for obvious reasons. It was made famous in 1971 by Charles Pfister for Knoll and it is sold by Knoll to this day. It captures the essence of modernism, in Pfister’s own words they are “useful, sculptural, wonderfully constructed objects.”

But the idea of a chair as a cube, or a cube as a chair, goes back much further. Further even than Le Corbusier’s LC2 and LC3. It goes back to the architect, Josef Hoffman’s Cubus Club chair – people find it hard to believe that this chair was already designed in 1910.

Today we offer a wonderful set of “floating” club chairs and a sofa, from the early seventies. It has been standing in the striking modernist apartment of a Pretoria architect for fifty years, and we have given it the loving Huisraad treatment.

We have several other great find this week. Have a look at these Danish inspired “TV Chairs”, this tubular floor lamp, and this John Tabraham dining table for DS Vorster.

Atomic mid-century floor lamp
DS Vorster dining table
Vintage modern TV chairs


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